valentines gift cake

valentines gift cake  Cupcake Bouquet

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valentines gift cake

To make a sugar plum fairy castle valentines gift cake, you will need a six egg quantity of whisked sponge valentines gift cake mixture, apricot glaze, fondant moulding paste, pink food colouring, a two ounce quantity of quick mix valentines gift cake mixture, sugar, cold water, corn flour for sprinkling, a fluted round silver cake board, a pink food colouring pen, and sugared almonds.

Use some apricot glaze as valentines gift cake filling and roll up following the instructions for making a valentines gift cake Swiss roll, but roll the smaller valentines gift cake Swiss roll lengthways to make a long thin roll. Make the fondant moulding paste and tint it very pale pink with a few drops of food colouring, then wrap it in cling film. Line and grease an eight inch sandwich tin and add the quick mix valentines gift cake mixture. Bake the valentines gift cake in a moderate oven for fifteen to twenty minutes until well risen and firm to the touch. Turn out on to a wire rack to cool. Place the sugar in a bowl, add a drop of pink food colouring to tint it the same colour as the fondant moulding paste. Reserve one third of the sugar and add the water to the remainder. Mix together well so that the sugar becomes damp. Make three cone shapes out of paper, and fill the large cone with the dampened sugar and press firmly down. Place a piece of card over the top and invert the sugar cone, then remove the paper shape. Repeat valentines gift cake to make one medium and two small valentines gift cake cones, and leave in a warm place to dry hard.

Trim the ends of each valentines gift cake Swiss Roll so that they are level. Cut one third of each valentines gift cake roll to make four towers all of different heights. Unwrap the moulding paste and cut into five pieces. Roll out one piece thinly on a surface well sprinkled with corn flour, the width of the largest valentines gift cake roll and long enough to roll completely around it. Brush the roll with some of the remaining apricot glaze, place it on the moulding paste, trim the moulding paste to fit, and then roll up, carefully sealing the join by rubbing over it with corn floured fingers. Repeat to cover the remaining rolls. Knead and re-roll the trimmings. Place the reserved sugar on a piece of greaseproof paper and roll each iced roll in it to coat evenly. Leave to dry.

Place the round valentines gift cake on the cake board and using plain cutters the same size as the base of each roll, cut out and remove four rounds. Brush the cake with some more of the apricot glaze and roll out the remaining mounding paste to a circle large enough to cover the round cake. Place the valentines gift cake moulding paste over the cake and gently press it into the holes.

Smooth over and trim off the excess at the base. Sprinkle the moulding paste and valentines gift cake board with the remaining pink-tinted sugar. Place each pink valentines gift cake tower in position in the cut out holes and carefully place the sugar cones on top of each. Make the windows and doors for the towers with the fondant moulding paste trimmings, and use the pink pen to mark the lattice work and door panels. Place these in position and secure with the remaining apricot glaze. Arrange the sugared almonds like a bath and steps into the valentines gift cake castle. valentines-gift-cake.html